Gorgeous White Apartment with the Colorful Accent

Living in an apartment is a proper choice for someone looking for simplicity and privacy. Yet, an apartment is often available with not too wide space. This is why it is always painted in neutral shade such as a white apartment. So, the shade will help you to combine the space with any tone of the furniture of decoration, yet offering the airy atmosphere for this small space.

In order to make our modern white apartment feels comfortable and spacious, we have to keep in mind that the interior needs our attention. Even the birds always build a nice nest; why don’t we? First, we can start from the main area. The living room and dining space are available in one space without any border. Like any other room in this apartment, all is paint in white; walls, ceilings, and floors. Even, the furniture is also painted in that color. Thus, we can easily put any stuff in any color without destroying the decoration. It is because any color will become the hint of tone easily. Yet, for the living room, the turquoise comfortable sofa is placed above a beautiful colorful rug. The corner is maximized with the installation of wall bookshelf that has already offered the hints of colors due the colorful book covers. As for the dining space, the dining set is painted all in white. Thus, any dish you serve on the table will offer the tone itself. Plus, do not forget to place a beautiful green plant inside and place it near the window for a refreshing accent.

As for the kitchen, that is divided with the use of half-divider in a shape of vintage door, has the hint of silver for the use of modern kitchen appliances, which often come in silver color. Again and again, the all-white space allows any small details such as the yellow bottle or brown big bowl to be accented, yet allowing you to have colorful details without much effort as well.

While for the bedroom, the plain white room can be said as a canvas while you are a painter. Try everything you want for your bedroom. You can even do some experiment with your headboard and transform it to be more unique. Use the colorful drapes for the space, thus offering more privacy for your modern white apartment with colorful details. You can also try beautiful unique floor lamp that will add accent to your space, besides offering the light as its main function.

Picture Gallery of the Gorgeous White Apartment with the Colorful Accent

Small Work Space With Some Pots And Fresh Near The WindowSmall Bathroom With Glass Wall Of Shower AreaOpen Plan Of Living Area With Perfect LightingOpen Plan Of Dining Room And Living Room Located On One AreaModern Decoration Of Apartment With White FloorLovely Living Room With Turqouise Couch ThemeHome Office Of The Apartment Near The ClosetDining Room With Spacious Area Near The KitchenCool Bedroom With Some Ornaments As HeadboardBedroom Designed With White Bedding Theme Near White CurtainWhite Door Combined With Gold HandleSwedish Dining Room With White Interior SchemeStunning Living Room With Colorful Rug ThemeStunning Kitchen Designed With Modern Furniture ThemeStorage Designed For Closet With Mirror Accent

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