Gorgeous Three Storey Apartment with Beautiful Terrace Design in London

This beautiful three storey apartment is located in beautiful city of Woodstock Gove, London. The apartment features a spacious living space in over 3,000 square feet area on the top of the building, occupied the whole 3 uppermost level of it. This penthouse design has been beautifully decorated with modern style by the architect, with simple but luxurious feeling that you can feel all the time. The most interesting area comes from the exceptional terrace design outside, where a rooftop garden is available to entertain you.

To counter the dark and busy atmosphere on the London city, the rooftop deck and garden will simply refresh the atmosphere of this home. The area is occupied by many planters in clay pot, making an amazing sanctuary for the owner to sit down every evening and drink a coffee or tea. This three storey apartment designs also features a unique outdoor staircase, which also decorated with green plantation. There are also some popping flowers in some corner that give some interesting accent to the green rooftop area.

The interior is a little bit small, but also full of modern furniture. The rustic wooden floor below give an amazing contrast to the white interior wall, while some shelving, chairs and other home decoration scattered around. The main living area is connected in open plan floor style; with the TV section is slightly higher than the rest of other room. The modern settees fulfill most of the floor space, offer a very nice place to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere around.

The bedroom area is also beautiful with the floating chair hanged on the wall. The en suite bathroom evokes a luxurious atmosphere into the bedroom, and gives an easy access between the two areas. The freestanding bathtub inside the bathroom section perfectly blend wells with the white color scheme of the interior, making this beautiful three storey apartment plans so beautiful to have.


Picture Gallery of the Gorgeous Three Storey Apartment with Beautiful Terrace Design in London

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