Giger Furniture Price and Reviews

Giger is an artist who is very popular with his Fantastic Realism. In 1940, he was born from chemist family in Chur, Switzerland. Then, he moved to Zurich in order to study architecture and industrial design at the School of Applied Arts in 1962. He began to produce his first artworks in ink drawing and oil painting in 1964. Later, his unique artworks in freehand painting style lead his career to his most popular artwork which was called Surrealistic Biomechanical Dreamscapes. Then, he also applied his idea into sculpture and it was called as Giger furniture.

Giger furniture is very different and has special design with others. It is because he tried to realize his artistic vision beyond the confines into furniture in the form of sculptures. One of his furniture is named Harkonnen Chair which is such kind of sculpture application on a chair. This chair is available in regular, black, fiberglass model without the crown of triple skulls and arm pad rest. Since it is handmade, it can’t be produced in large amount, and it takes a long time to finish the production of each product. It needs patience and fine craftsmanship during the manufacturing in order to get a good result. Hence, it takes two month from the order date to finish one chair. Therefore, you should be patient if you want to order this artistic furniture. The price of Harkonnen chair reaches up to $ 15,000 depends on the monetary fluctuation. The other furniture of Giger is mostly available in the form of sculpture, and little in the form of table. Some of the furniture’ name is Guardian Angel, Birth Machine Baby, Biomechanoid, and many others.

Actually, for the common people, Giger furniture looks rather odd and not common because of its extreme designs. In other hand, for some people, it looks cool and attractive maybe. Like or dislike, it is still a great artworks I think.

Picture Gallery of the Giger Furniture Price and Reviews

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