Functional Kitchen Decoration using Practical Furniture Sets

Who knew that a kitchen accessory can be a functional kitchen decoration? If cupboards are never a part of your kitchen but you have shelves instead, then chances are a lot of your kitchen wares will be visible from outside. Fear not, a few strategic placing can help to make them not only tidy, but also pretty. These kitchen wares and kitchen accessories will not only be a functional material to cook with but also a decorative piece at the same time.

The first idea is to actually put those hanging hooks in the kitchen for a good use. Many kitchens have been adopting this trend of hanging their kitchen wares on a hanging hook. Not only that the kitchen begins to resemble the look of your closest professional restaurant kitchen, they are also space savvy and gourmet looking. By hanging your kitchen accessories, the kitchen is protruding the suggestion that it is always in an active state of use.

The second idea is to use the open shelving space in the kitchen to store kitchen tools such as blenders, hot pot stoves, wooden crate boxes, and food processors. With a few tweak in its organization, the open shelving can create the impression of a retro cafe interior or a snack bar. If you are with a kitchen that has a floor to ceiling shelving work, then you are lucky because these tools can be put in the lower shelves for they are of a heavier duty kind.

On the top part of the shelves, glass wares such as cups, mugs, plates, bowls, and utensils can be stored. Because they are less bulky and are usually more decorative looking, glass wares make a very great decorating aspect. Another thing that can put on the top compartments of the shelves are your cooking ingredients. Spice containers, oil bottles, and salt and pepper shakers also make a great kitchen decor that is also appetizing.

Picture Gallery of the Functional Kitchen Decoration using Practical Furniture Sets

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