Front Doors with Glass


The application of glass in front doors is the best choice since it can improve the beauty of the doors. The doors look elegant and luxurious. Moreover, it gives natural lighting for your home because the sun light can easily flow to your room through the glass. There many companies who offer many types and design of front doors with glass with various range of price.

Some door companies or shops which offer these elegant front doors with glass are Doors 4 Home, ODL, Masonite and many others. If you are lucky, you will find a door company which allows you to design your own doors and fit with your budget. Well, let’s check it out the products in Doors 4 Home. The doors design in this company provides rustic, contemporary or modern, and traditional design. Therefore, you can choose your own style on your front doors. The products are named with a code of letters and numbers for example NW-1623, R-13-L, and NW-1621. NW-1623 has contemporary design which is made of Brazilian Mahogany with art glass and iron work and the thickness is 2-1/4”. For R-13-L, it is a single door with rustic design but still has a contemporary touch because of the dual insulated matte glass. It is made of tropical South American Teak with 1-3/4” in the thickness. Then, for the double window, Doors 4 Home has NW-1621. The design is very elegant, luxurious, and modern. It fits with you who have modern home design. It is made of Brazilian Mahogany decorated with triple glazed with beveled and matte glass style. And the thickness of the door is 2-1/4”. All of them have one year manufacturing warranty.

Those are just three examples from Doors 4 Home products, so there are still many products which fit your desire and budget. However, as mentioned before, there are also any other door companies which provide front doors with glass.

Picture Gallery of the Front Doors with Glass

Wooden Front Doors with GlassWonderful Front Doors with GlassWhite Front Doors with GlassVictorian Stained Front Doors with GlassSweet Front Doors with GlassSimple Front Doors with GlassModern Front Doors with GlassLuxury Front Doors with GlassGreen Front Doors with GlassFront Doors with Glass WindowTreesExterior Front Doors with GlassCreative Front Doors with GlassContemporary Front Doors with GlassBlue Front Doors with GlassBlack Panel Front Doors with GlassBeautiful Front Doors with GlassArched Double Front Doors with GlassAmazing Front Doors with Glass

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