Fascinating Three Stories Apartment with Smart Arrangement

Nothing is more appealing than to have three stories apartment. You might think that three level apartment is quite spacious apartment. But actually this apartment is not too spacious but the room is divided based on the floor available. It appears that this three story apartment has small space which you need to be smart enough to arranging the room placement.

In the first floor you can see it use open floor living plan with living room and kitchen is placed side to side. This three stories apartment design is prioritizing the spacious impression with sleek and clean appearance which will make this apartment look charming. The modern living room has minimalist living room design with l shape sofa and furry rug beneath it.

This living room looks very spacious since it has tall to adequate with level flooring. The modern kitchen in the front of the living room is located below the living room area. But the great thing is the kitchen does not look narrow with the use of simple white modern kitchen design.

Warm appearance is show from the use of wooden floor plank and wooden stairs. The wooden stairs looks like it was hanging by metal cords that directly placed to the ceiling. As smart home design, the stairs is not just stair but also has storage function which makes it storage stairs. The storage also has several uses, as drawers and cupboards where you can use it to keep all the home appliances. Next to the drawer stairs you can see the small bathroom. This small bathroom looks spacious since it attached mirror on the wall and the door.

In the second floor is used for modern bedroom. In this minimalist bedroom you will not find useless décor. It only consists of bed and contemporary wicker arm chair. The third floor is the outdoor garden. Just as in the first floor, the second floor stairs also function as cupboard and drawers. The three stories apartment design ideas with this kind of smart arrangements are really suitable for small area with stylish appearance.

Picture Gallery of the Fascinating Three Stories Apartment with Smart Arrangement

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