Fabulous Wooden Residence Design with Natural Views in Washington

In this recent era, the appearance of wooden residence design can be seen as one of the most wanted home designs. There are several pictures that we can get from the inspirations we provide. The inspiration is from the Wood Block Residence in Washington that was designed by Chadbourne + Doss Architects. The hoe structure includes the combination of the modern construction and the wooden element. This is also surrounded by the natural green views.

It will be greater if you look at some images that we provide. The first design includes the appearance of the wooden house design outdoor design ideas. There are the car parking is under the patio design. The outdoor swimming pool is also applied in that house while enjoying the outdoor views. In relation to the interior decoration, we can get the fabulous meeting room. It includes the U-shaped white desk including the transparent acrylic barstools. A great screen to enjoy the view is also applied in one side upper the modern fireplace.

To get enjoying the outdoor views, we can see them from the spacious place including the transparent wire wall design and glass wall styles. The wooden floor becomes the base of the flooring style to be combined with the stones appearance. The look of the bedroom is also comfortable enough. They come with the grey wall interior and cream furniture application. There is a light white bathroom idea that is situated in narrow space for the transparent shower stall room. It looks so better when dealing with the comfortable bathroom design.

Based on the design and situation that can be encouraged as well, we can it trough this article. Some ideas of the house can be seen from the pictures we will provide more. The wooden house design ideas are great enough to be seen as fabulous home design.

Picture Gallery of the Fabulous Wooden Residence Design with Natural Views in Washington

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