Fabulous Vacation Home in Cyprus

The demand for vacation home is rising these days. People’s need to get relaxed for a while after months of working is rapidly rising. Now you can see that there are many of companies offering holiday package with various types and prices. And for those who don’t want to stay in conventional hotel, staying on their own house would be a great idea to spend the holiday. Matter of fact, what would be better than staying in our home?

But in case buying or making a house seems to be way too expensive for you, you can always use vacation home rentals that let you to rent their houses for vacation purpose. Such business usually located in tourism area where many people visiting the place each year. Instead of staying in hotel, you can try different sensation by renting a house for your family to stay. But if you insist to make one, have a look on this gorgeous villa in Cyprus that can be a reference.

Titled as Zephyros Villa, this villa is located in Pomos with sea view overlooking. The hill side location where the house nestled is a perfect place to spend your space time during holiday enjoying the beauty of the view. Designed by Koutsoftides Architects, the house consists of several rectangular shaped buildings piled to each other. Some parts of the exterior walls are covered with exposed natural stone which completing the semi-open concept of the building.

Located in such area with drenched sunlight, the house is also equipped with sliding roof which makes it possible for you to open up the roof to let the sunlight in. This is a great idea to inject the sunlight into your interior design without sacrificing the privacy. The semi-outdoor pool is also added on the second floor; provide you another facility to make your holiday even more complete. So, are these ideas help you enough in preparing your vacation home plans in the future?

Picture Gallery of the Fabulous Vacation Home in Cyprus

Beautiful Sea View from Terrace at Vacation Home TransformedAwesome Vacation Home Transformed Swimming Pool and Spa TubAstonishing Terrace with Glass Balustrade in Vacation Home TransformedAmazing View from Outside Vacation Home Transformed with TreeWonderful Closed Patio with Pool at Vacation Home TransformedSleek Open Living Space Design at Vacation Home Transformed with PoolSleek Contemporary Kitchen in Vacation Home Transformed White IslandModern Swimming Pool in Long Shape Inside Vacation Home TransformedIndoor Meets Outdoor with Sliding Door at Vacation Home TransformedCozy Modern Kitchen in Vacation Home Transformed with LED Lighting

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