Fabulous Multi Generation Home in the Middle of Beautiful Green Meadow

Located in the beautiful rural area over 4,800 square feet wide, this multi generation home is something that you can miss from a far. The white and compact structure is very conspicuous in the middle of green meadow where it stands, which you can easily recognize from a far due to the absence of other building in its surrounding. Just as said above, the home belongs to a big family from multiple generations, and it answers the question of why the home is so enormous in the middle of rural area.

The owner of this home follows the tradition of where a big family lives together in a home. With some assistant from Alexander Brenner architect, the home transformed into a simple but comfortable multi generation home plans to live. While you can see the cubical shape from a far, the real design is much more complicated with several areas for specific purposes. With the lush green meadow in its surrounding, this amazing home is just perfect for a family to grow.

The family features a wonderful outdoor area to entertain its inhabitant. It includes a wonderful wooden deck with infinity pool just next to the home, while amazing valley scenery is available just below the cliff. The home also features a spacious living space with open plan floor on the first ground, catching the scenery from the most beautiful angle to see. Upstairs, some series of deck and terrace is available for every family’s area, so everyone can get the beautiful scenery evenly from every side of the home.

The interior is white and spacious, decorated in modern style and uses some modern furniture. It includes a wonderful living space on the lower ground, with dark wooden floor contrast to the white interior wall. The modern design creates a wonderful feeling in this home, especially at the minimalist dining area and the beautiful sleek kitchen just next to it. Finally, this multi generation home plans designs allows everyone to live and grow together in peace.

Picture Gallery of the Fabulous Multi Generation Home in the Middle of Beautiful Green Meadow

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