Fabulous Bike Storage Ideas When Storing is No Longer Painful

When bicycle becomes one of your transportation choice then bike storage ideas should come out to help you with storing it. This environmentally safe vehicle is highly suggested to use daily and take you anywhere. But then sometimes problem arise about where to keep it since it is too small to have its own bike garage but it is also too big to store it just anywhere.

Of course you cannot just toss it around since it will take space to have it. You will need to think carefully about bike storage design ideas which will make your bicycle find its home and in the same time look dazzling. Many people place their bicycle in the garage which is actually a very suitable stop in the house.

To maintain the cleanliness of the garage you can mount the bicycle hook rack stand to the fence post. This way your bicycles can be securely park in the garage. If you have more than one bicycle, the hook rack also can be placed on top of the other bike like in this photo.

You also can choose to place the bicycle storage indoor or bicycle storage outdoor. The bike freestanding rack is available to be your bike storage and you can use it indoor or outdoor as you like. You can choose to store your bicycle in horizontal bike storage as usual, or to adjusting with the space provided the vertical bike storage also available with the use of bicycle vertical rack holder.

Aside of buying the bicycle rack for your bike storage, you also can adjusting with your apartment needs with creating DIY bike storage. This way you can place it anywhere you like and adjusting with the entire room design. The most important thing that you need is the bike hooks to place your bikes.

Of course if you are the types of playful soul, then creative bike storage like in this photo will be your choice. Hang your bike from the ceiling and put it in your studio will give great studio décor. For living room décor, hanging bike storage from the ceiling also can give a sporty ambience that looks alluring. Do not underestimate the power of gorgeous bike storage design ideas since it will add more value to your home and give alluring effect.

Picture Gallery of the Fabulous Bike Storage Ideas When Storing is No Longer Painful

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