Eye-Catching Tie-Dye Coffee Shop with Elegant Personality

Unique interior design must be very attracted, especially for a public place such as one of coffee shops that currently applies a concept called tie-dye coffee shop. Actually, it is a new concept on coloring not redecorating a building.

Some combination of five or more colors will create an extraordinary color gradation in a room. Some eye-catching and eccentric colors make a room has a homey impression. Thus, people will stay a bit longer at that place and ordering more foods or beverages since this concept is designed for public places.

Take a look at enchanting pictures here about minimalist tie-dye coffee shop, it has colorful painting. The room is painted in combination of orange, green, magenta, blue, etc. All those colors has soft effect because the room use pastel colors.

Ornamental carpet is assembled along the stairs which makes this coffee shop more luxury than others. For furnishings itself, it is also very colorful because it is painted as the same with this coffee shop’s room. Even, the barista wears such a flashy clothes when serving or making coffee.

The interior design is almost the same because minimalist concept is applied here. Chairs, tables, even coffee grinder is designed with that concept. For this coffee shop’s island, it also has colorful effect.

Many coffee making utensils which are made from fine metal is in well-organizing. Thus, whether this coffee shop is not too ornamentally, it still has an artistic aspect. Glass window installation actually just made this coffee shop becomes more perfect since all scenery outside can be capture form inside.

It is a unique coffee shop, isn’t it? It must be very pleasant to drink coffee at that kind of coffee shop. Therefore, the other public place should be designed in minimalist tie-dye coffee shop ideas so that people will feel their second home while having conversation with some companions at coffee shop.

Picture Gallery of the Eye-Catching Tie-Dye Coffee Shop with Elegant Personality

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