Eye-Catching Modern Wall Tiles Created from White Clay and Cable

If you are an enthusiast seeker and love to browse the latest modern wall tiles designs, you need to know about the Corset Wall Tiles that is specially designed by Arbutus+Denman Design. The Corset Tiles is the realization of combination between wonderful geometric texture and the modern desire in perfect manufacturing progress.

Moreover, the basic material of this contemporary tile is white clay accompanied by additional material, the flexible laced cable. In fact, this is a dream when you can have one of these modern wall tiles 3d. It is because this house hold could flexibly install as single adornment or gathered embellishment on the wall. Talk about the structure and texture, in each piece of the tile there are four V-shape cuts which are covered by seven colorful strings in regular size. Looked from the distance, no matter it will be installed as single adornment or complex adornment, you will see the glorious clear 3D effect in various sides.

The designer is wholly released the wonderful Corset Tiles in six different colors. They are plain white, solid black, dazzling red, electric yellow, shady green and coral blue. This modern tile is properly matched and suitable with glass, solid materials like concrete or stone, even for more extreme combination, wood is not a problem. The example for complex wall tiles there is a dining room with full of coral blue Corset tiles to mate the wonderful wooden furniture inside.

Imagine one of wonderful placement for these adorable modern wall tiles you may use them in the living room, family room, kitchen, even the bathroom for better room appearance. If you like to have experiment, try to mix and match all the six Corset Wall Tiles’ colors in unity on one part of wall. And the bathroom will looks so much joyful with single Corset tile on the wall near the vanity corner or bathing room. You know, these are the best contemporary wall tiles you must have in this year to sustain your modern lifestyle.

Picture Gallery of the Eye-Catching Modern Wall Tiles Created from White Clay and Cable

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