Extraordinary Modern Classic Home with Cute Colorful Decoration

In general people tend to build a house sticking out one house flair only either modern or classic. But it is possible to combine both styles to result something new. Modern classic home is built in Sydney. Rock ockert design architects completed 46 North Avenue that brings out modern semi classic architecture.

At a glance, this two storey house seems so small. Glass and wood accent indicate perfect combination between rustic and modern style. Small patio with wood floor is surrounded by wood wall. Cool dining table and side chairs furnish patio where ornamental plants are available here.

Modern interior includes living room, kitchen, and dining room designed as one space without wall partition. Precious painting is adhered on white painted wall to beautify modern classic home interior. Wood floor that has sleek appearance goes with floating staircase made of wood. White bed sofa is eye catching with colorful floral themed sofa cushions. Box coffee table is covered with striped pattern. Minimalist white sideboard is used to place tv and fake flower. Wall shelf above tv stand is used to place unique ornaments.

Minimalist kitchen cabinet and kitchen island come in white to enhance wide view. Red kitchen backsplash is enlightened with soft backsplash light. Colorful barstools are set in front of kitchen island. Wood dining table is surrounded by floral padded chairs. Red fur rug under cool dining set feels so warm. Colorful inside this small house represent exotic taste. Futuristic colorful chandelier goes with modern interior design.

House façade is dominated with classic flair. Rustic brick wall and arched entrance deigned in nice carving reflect classic theme. Tribal patterned path next to small garden goes with classic flair. Metallic fence protects this small house. Stunning modern classic home interior is furnished with furniture in bright colors to arouse wide view.

Picture Gallery of the Extraordinary Modern Classic Home with Cute Colorful Decoration

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