Elegant Toile Fabric for Versatile Usage in the House

Originating from Ireland, toile fabric is a type of decorative fabric which employs complex patterns repeatedly on a single white backdrop. It has been used very popularly since the day of its first production in the 18th century. Due to the beauty and elegance of its differing styles, toile made its way outside of Ireland and is very well received in Britain and France that France even has a toile style of their own. The French style toile is usually depicting the pictures of a French country lifestyle and ornate floral designs.

Even though many centuries have passed since its first production, toile fabric is still very widely used even until now. Now, to add to the long story of toile fabric history, it still continues to evolve even until today. More contemporary styles have arisen to add to then design assortments. In addition to the classic country style toile and floral toile, more modern toile employ contemporary patterns such as the Eiffel tower, a 20th century scenery, architectural design and art prints, vehicles, and even just random swirl shapes. There is even one portraying a modern neighborhood lifestyle. These styles are called suburban toile.

Toile is still widely used in almost anything it can be used for. It is still used heavily on furniture, curtains, valances, beddings, carpets, rugs, wallpapers, cushions, etc. Now, toile isn’t restricted to only exist on fabric prints, but also on other kinds of prints as well. Due to this, the usage of toile is extended not only for things that require fabrics but also hard materials such as porcelain, glass, ceramic, and concrete.

No longer is toile used only on furnishing and home decors, they are used to decorate vases; kitchen wares, such as bowls, plates, mugs, and spoon handles; and even fashion products, such as bags, shoes, boots, dresses, and even scarves and coats. With its intricate, beauty, and elegance, toile print is a versatile decor pattern fit for any design.

Picture Gallery of the Elegant Toile Fabric for Versatile Usage in the House

Chaise Lounge in Toile Print Seems Perfectly at Home in a Modern BedroomBlack Print on the Toile Quilt Seems to Fit in with the Modern Color Scheme SeamlesslyBeautiful Touch of Toile Adds Regal Sophistication to this Romantic BedroomThrow Pillows in the ToileStyle add Interesting Patterns to the Living SpaceRefined Toile Curtains and Fabric can Bring Playfulness to the Kids BedroomModern Bedroom with Accent Wall in Toile For those who Love a Dramatic SettingMid-century Modern Bedroom with Wallpaper that Draws Inspiration from a Toile StyleLovely Dining Space with Tulip Dining Table and Bench Covered in Yellow Toile DesignEames Lounger Coupled with Twin Chairs in Toile A Blend of Classic and ContemporaryChic Toile Cushions Coupled with the chic Curtains Add Contrast to the Space

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