Easy DIY Jar Lamp as Extraordinary Decoration to Your Interior Design

If you try to give a new touch to your interior decoration but have no idea what to do, you can try to make the DIY jar lamp. It’s a very easy DIY project that you can make with relatively cheap and easy to find material. The result will be amazing, as the pendant lamp can give your interior decoration a unique glow in the evening. You can hang it on top of your dining room, kitchen, or anywhere that you think it will be good to show.

Now, let’s talk about the jar lamp tutorial that you can try in your free time. To make your DIY glass jar lamp, you need to have the following material: a glass jar with metal lid, hammer, nail, light bulb, wire, and bulb house. You need to choose your material wisely, especially for the jar. Any jar can be used for this recycled jar lamp project, but transparent jar is better to use because it will give a nicer glow to your home.

Now let’s start our simple jar lamp project with the following step:

Clean your jar and the metal lid from the dust or other dirt. Let it dry before you move to the next step.

Draw the sketch for the hole on the lid by pencil with the size of the house bulb. Craft it with the nail and hammer.

Put the bulb house on the hole. Make sure it fits perfectly within the hole.

Set the bulb on the bulb house on the other side of the lid.

Set the wire to the bulb house. Pull up the wire and the jar carefully from the ground, and make sure it will not fell down.

Set the electricity on and see how it looks on your room.

So how do you think, isn’t it easy to make this unique jar lamp? However, you need to be careful when making this lamp, especially with some sharp edges of the metal lid. To make a perfect glow, you need more than one easy jar lamp to hang; you can make 5 or more jar lamp project and hang it in different height to evoke a dreamy appearance on your home decoration. Well, good luck with your DIY jar pendant lamp project and we hope you can get what you want.

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