Dummy Door Knobs – How to Pick the Best One for Your Door

Dummy door knobs are one of door knobs type that gives you both decorative look and functionality. They have a function as a door pull, but they can help you match your storage area doors with the passage doors in your home.

The set of dummy door knobs is a bit different with the other types of door knobs since this type has no mechanical latch mechanism. They need no mortise or hole since they are flush mounted. Usually, they mounted together with a magnetic latch on closet, pantry and utility space doors. The most interesting from dummy door knob is that when it is installed, it can’t be distinguished with its counterpart in simple visual inspection since it blends with the hardware scheme in your home. The use of door knob is for single access just like the other door pulls. It can be opened by a simple pull on the knob. This is different with standard knobs that usually hung in pairs on both side of the door. Dummy knobs are only mounted in single side of the door. This is very useful to be used for doors that have limited clearance inside.

Dummy knobs are available in different styles that you can choose. They are designed to match with any design scheme of homes. So, you can choose the one with identical style in your home style. So, it will stand complement to the rest décor. This door knob is also durable since it made of heavy materials and thicker finishes that allow you to keep it for years with little maintenance. Well, it even can be said that you need no maintenance for this door knob. You just need to check the screws to make sure that they are remain tight holding the knobs. If you want to have a new look every time, you can simply polish the knob. Those are how dummy door knobs used to fill your need of a simple and decorative door knob for your storage.

Picture Gallery of the Dummy Door Knobs – How to Pick the Best One for Your Door

Dummy Door Knobs With Yellow WallsDummy Door Knobs With Unique ColorsDummy Door Knobs With Unique CarvingDummy Door Knobs With Silver ColorDummy Door Knobs With Screwdriver ToolDummy Door Knobs With Ornamental PlantsDummy Door Knobs With Modern DesignDummy Door Knobs With Milk White ColorDummy Door Knobs With Elegant DesignDummy Door Knobs With Crystal WhiteDummy Door Knobs With Colour Yellow GoldDummy Door Knobs With Color Red HeartsDummy Door Knobs With Classic DesignDummy Door Knobs With Blue ColorDummy Door Knobs With Black ColorDummy Door Knobs Unique Bag With PocketsDummy Door Knobs Elegant With ColorDummy Door Knobs Door Leaf With Wood

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