DIY Bathroom Vanity Project to Finish Your Vanity Look

Bathroom vanity is multifunction fixtures that can be used to support your sink and countertop and give you space to store essential hygiene. Bathroom vanity comes in various styles and colors to be matched with any bathroom decor. However, you can plan a diy bathroom vanity project to finish the look of your vanity.

Before finishing your bathroom vanity, you have to remove the faucet first. Turn off the water supply by locating the water supply knobs. Loosen the retaining nuts under the supply lines under the sink using tongue and groove pliers. Pull the hot and cold water lines under the faucet free and disconnect the drain line using a pipe wrench. Remove the sink and countertop by removing the mounting brackets with a screwdriver and lift your countertop and sink. After that, remove the vanity using the same step, removing the mounting brackets. You need to store the parts and secure the lid of the vanity, countertop and sink. Use your screwdriver to remove the doors and hinges of the vanity and place them in storage jar.  You need to ask help for lifting the vanity and carry it to a well ventilated area to do the diy bathroom vanity. Use drop cloths under the vanity when you are working. Now, you can start finish the vanity by sanding all the sides of the vanity and the doors. Do it three times. First, remove the blemishes with heavy-grist sandpaper second remove the old finish of the vanity with medium-grit sandpaper and the last smooth the surface with fine-grit sandpaper. When sanding, you need to wipe the dust with a clean rag. After sanding, you can stain the vanity with a clean rag and let it dry. Apply a layer of polyurethane using brush once the stain dried. After the buff the layer with newspaper to create a high-gloss finish after give it time to dry. The last, apply two more coats of stain and polyurethane to the vanity and doors with

Diy bathroom vanity can be achieved easily. So, be fun with your job.

Picture Gallery of the DIY Bathroom Vanity Project to Finish Your Vanity Look

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