Distinct Minimalist Table

Table is one of the most needed things, especially in office. We need table for doing our work, to put our belongings, and many more. It makes people are trying to do innovation to make new design of table. Nuvist are also trying to make a new design by focusing to make minimalist table. They named their new project Nebbessa Table. Nuvist get the ideas from wave formations. They want to prove that fluidity can be shown through solid shape and adding an effect of lightning.

Those are the pictures from Nebbessa table. We can see that this table is different from the common tables. It doesn’t have four legs, it’s just has one leg. We can also see the modern concept of minimalist table through the unique shape and striking colors. This table fits with the floor’s color and the wall’s color. It is kind of classic and elegant looks, but it is also shows the modern and future concept. This table is like combination from modern and classic theme.

If we look more closely, we can see the table’s surface reflects the light. That’s why the surface looks shiny. This table doesn’t have storage space such as drawers, lockers, or something like that. But their existence replaced by the small nebbessa table. In the picture, you can see a smaller nebbessa table next to the real nebessa table. The placement between those two tables is just right. Not neither too close nor too far. This placement can provide further space for putting various items.

You can use both real-size of nebbessa table and small size of nebessa table. Or you can only use the real-size of nebessa table. They also have many colors for this table. You can choose the shiny light brown color, silver color, light pink color, or light blue color. Whatever your choice, you can’t deny this cool design from minimalist table.

Picture Gallery of the Distinct Minimalist Table

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