Dashing Eco-Friendly Interior without Any Excuse from Damaging Materials

To provide environmental shopping experience in his shop, the owner of Atelier Akeef Store develops eco-friendly interior theme in whole part of the boutique and inserts unexpected materials and furniture to support the theme. The owner of this catchy boutique is Alan Sommerville and his partner, Michael Ashley. Purposely, this store is designed for those who love modern-classic interior and so much regard the nature without any excuse. And now, let’s enjoy what’s this cool store could sparkling you off!

Precisely located in Mitte, couple miles from Berlin, this store pops up the concept “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT” and bravely outstand with all the never ending uniqueness and creativities. Since stand behind the entrance door, you will be greeted by dashing eco-friendly interior design from the front side until the end side of the building. Stand behind the door, there are two different display organizations both in the left and in the right side of the room.

The materials that are used to create absolute eco-friendly interior is this store are recycled wood, not toxic tints, sustainable terracotta, and reused house fixtures. Instead of creates green environment, those materials nicely boost up positive energy and reduce the use of carbon and provide natural feeling. The way how Alan and Michael display all the products has as unique as the interior itself. Look at the main display for the outfits in the front side of the store. This is the fact how obsolete dresser could act as cool display holder for the bags, shoes and wallets.

The founder of Atelier store, Michael Ashley, said that he wants people not only come and go without any impression and feeling after shopping. That is why the most humble furniture like rustic garden cart, abandoned bar cart and recycled lampshade is really important inside. After finished shopping, it’s time to pay to outfits you have bought. And another element shock in the cashier desk is waiting for you. Old-fashioned style is really feels in the entire part of this section. The eco friendly interior design ideas that have been realized is focus on how recycled wood furniture and cute breathing adornment could reach the top of consumers expectation.

Picture Gallery of the Dashing Eco-Friendly Interior without Any Excuse from Damaging Materials

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