Cute Room Painting Ideas

Cute Room Painting Ideas Pink Tree Painted

Paint is always an important thing in home decorating no matter in what country we live. Can you imagine if the paint does not exist? Our living space will be just boring and plain. Paint has developed years by years, centuries by centuries. So as we know how important paint is, then choosing the right paint selection is important. Nowadays, there are lots of painting ideas which we as homeowners can go with. One of the painting ideas is the cute painting for a room. There are various ways to create such cute room painting ideas, and some of them are below. Keep reading for the detailed information.

The first way is using sponge in painting the wall or we can simply say sponging. This is aimed to create such a cute sponge pattern. The idea is to paint the wall which is already painted with particular color, with another color but using sponge to apply the distinctive color. Do it until the entire wall is covered. It will create such a good appearance of sponge patterned wall. Next is the rag-rolling method. The main idea is similar with sponging, but this time using scrunched up cloth or we can say polythene bag to create such a cute particular pattern.

The last way is by painting one part of the wall with blackboard paint. This can create such a cute ambiance since the entire wall is painted in different distinctive color from black. For children bedroom, this idea is perfect. Or you want to apply this blackboard painting method in a kitchen; it will also do a great favor. You can also mix and match other people ideas into one big idea which is yours and then get it applied to your living place. Just think creative and get as many references as possible.

Picture Gallery of the Cute Room Painting Ideas

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