Creative Small Apartment with Colorful Design

Having small apartment sometimes makes us stressful how to design them to make ti spacious. It is because, small apartment only have some rooms which is not too big. However, what about having small apartment with so much furniture inside it? Here, we have some information how to design and arrange furniture in your small apartment. Do you want to know? Let’s see.

Here, we have some pictures about the beautiful arrangement of furniture and simple design in a small apartment. In the first picture, we can see the bedroom is nicely arranged which is placed on the rack. You can reach the bed use stairs which is placed near the rack. It is very smart idea and very creative. This arrangement will save space in your apartment. If you have a small apartment like this, you can use this small apartment design to save your room space.

In the next picture, we can see the garage which is not really big. Even though it is only enough to place bicycle, a garage is still important. You can place your bicycle in the back side of your house near the warehouse. You can use simple and minimalist design. For example, you can apply brick materials in the left side of the room which is combined with wooden materials on its wall and floor. There is a glass door in the backside and it is very useful to give this small room lights.

For you who love colorful idea, you do not need to give your wall colorful paintings, but you can put colorful furniture. Look at the next picture. It is very important to apply white color in the mall room because white can make your room looks larger and more spacious. However, you can put colorful furniture like red pot, white rack, and yellow wooden table to make your room cheerful. Small apartment design ideas like this will make your apartment is more comfortable.

Picture Gallery of the Creative Small Apartment with Colorful Design

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