Cool Tile Pattern and How to Pick the Best One

Handling your home project by yourself instead of hire an interior designer is an interesting one I think. It is a thrifty and good decision. If you are confused how to design your home you can find some references which are quite easy to be found now. And this article will provide you some references about cool tile pattern which inspire you.

You can consider applying the tile pattern from Giulietti Schouten architects. The beauty of the tile will be emphasized by this pattern. In order to make the floor seems expansive, diagonal pattern offered by Laura Burton Interiors is a good idea. The tiles are installed on the angle of 45 degree. Another cool tile pattern is from Christy Dilard Kratzer. The pattern is called checkerboard which consists of two colors of square tiles. You can consider the combination of white and black for it with either straight or diagonal installation. Another tile pattern from Kratzer is diagonal with dots. Large square tiles in bright or soft color are needed in this pattern, and then they are installed diagonally with the application of smaller tiles in darker color than the large one. The Stone-breaker Builders and Remodeler gives another choice of tile patter which is known with Pinwheel or Hopscotch . This pattern also needs the combination of large and small tiles. The installation is four larger tiles surround a smaller tile. The next is the classic one but I think it is still cool to be applied in your home. This pattern comes from Carson Poetzl, Inc. which is named basketweave. The installation of this pattern needs rectangle and square tiles to make it like a weave. The combination of the color is one in soft and another one in darker color.

For clear description, you can look for the picture of those cool tile patterns on internet. Hopefully, this article inspires you enough in designing your home.

Picture Gallery of the Cool Tile Pattern and How to Pick the Best One

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