Cool Modest Residence in Portugal

For family especially whom already having kids, this modest residence could become a priority while choosing the best place to stay. At the review below, we will see an stunning house with large front yard exposing sophisticated value located in Portugal.

Look at some pictures below. However, modest residence interior is perfectly supported by stunning exterior design where natural block stone being stepping way material combined with palm trees for front yard and garage area. Industrial fence in silver palette is dealing with shrubs railway for smoothing the industrial effect from the fence while rectangular swimming pool is made from white marble material that make this area looks clean especially when it matched with black sunny couch made from velvet material.

Moreover, open deck concept is bring a set of rattan couch with broken white flat cushion while transparent glass table, pastel lamp shade for pendant lamp, and dark laminating wooden flooring then at another side, high bench table and wooden seats for enjoying tea time with partner or relatives. Besides, sliding glass door is being room separator between exterior and interior design where living room is decorated in monochrome palette. Instead of black colour, grey gain sophisticated look and perfect combined with white velvet sofa while pastel flooring accent delivers clean and sharp venue impression. Then, high glass round dining table is perfectly matched with white velvet seat supported by grey curtain drapery for covering extended glass window and sliding door concept.

Eventually, white sleek kitchen space is using long LED lamp for making sure that this large space area having proper lighting while there is indoor garden with big cactus growing up at the center of coral stone area. Wooden floating staircase is leading people to upper level where more seating room is decorated as modest residence interior design similar with sharp bedroom and bathroom design.

Picture Gallery of the Cool Modest Residence in Portugal


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