Clever Ways to Utilizing Mezzanines

There are some houses that have mezzanines inside their houses. The mezzanines are functional spaces that help a home to lit up and ventilate, creating more spaces, and many more. For small rooms, the mezzanines can transform into a library, a second bed room, and so on that can solve space issues. With this fact, we can start to utilizing mezzanines in our house.

Actually, there are many ways to utilizing mezzanines. There are some design example mezzanines. You can make a platform above the kitchen and dining room with the same theme and natural light via glass panes like the algarrobos house by Jose Maria Seez and Daniel Moreno Flores.

You can also make a bed room in mezzanine with bright theme and an open floor under natural daylight just like the cowshed house by Carter Williamson Architects. For a bigger room, you can try the mezzanine design from 3XA architects who made semi-mezzanine contains with a comfortable space for work, shelves of books, and built it above the bath room.

Local architects, Edmonds & Lee imagined, made a project called oriental warehouse loft renovation in San Francisco. The result is they can transform the mezzanine into a platform as a sleeping place complete with a shower and a library. That’s such a clever plan and amazing result. Now let’s more focused on the design. The Italian House Studio by Studiodata made a contemporary design for their mezzanine. They are using a wood theme decorated with a volumetric desk reached via a floating staircase.

You can also make a unique mezzanine by using soaring ceilings combined with art painting, then you can make a little space looks attractive. You can try more colorful theme with more ideas to make our mezzanine not only more functional but also looks catchier. You just have to open your mind, find those creativities, and have fun while utilizing mezzanines.

Picture Gallery of the Clever Ways to Utilizing Mezzanines

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