Classic Nautical Decor that Brings a Harbor into Your Home

Are you in love with the of open-sea sailing and would like to bring a nautical decor home to represent that passion? Not only that nautical themed decorations offer a vintage atmosphere into the living space, it also brought a part of the ocean and a childhood in. You can almost see grandpa waving at you from the living room waiting to take you sailing, smell the breath of the ocean, and hear the cawing sound of the sea gulls. However, to achieve the full effect of the thematic decor, a lot of effort needs to be given. Below are some tips.

The walls, floors, and ceiling are an integral part of the design. A classic white stripy wall with hardwood floor and ceiling is a good start. Next, the addition of white shelves and a traditional fireplace is a great continuation. Whatever design you wish to add to you wall, remember that simplicity is what a nautical wall decor is all about; simplicity with a love for sailing, harbors, beaches, and the ocean. That means, the color combination that is chosen must also reflect those activities and places.

Apart from the wall and floor planning, another important aspect to think about when trying to gain that complete oceanic look are the furnishing. Simple sofas and wooden tables are great to have as they are commonly found in harbor cafes and lounges. They must reflect that old age design in them to have that desired vintage feeling of the past. Some polka dot, compass, or anchor printed cushions also make a good nautical accessory.

For decoration, let’s start to feast on whatever possibility is attainable. Collect any kinds of sailing related materials that you can get your hands on and apply them in your home. Things such as starfishes, branched coral, seashells, ship wheels, compass rugs, brass ship figurines, sailing ropes, mini anchors, and even fishing nets makes an epic assortment of decoration if placed right. Just use your imagination for a nautical home decor and it will seem like the harbor is just outside of your doorstep.

Picture Gallery of the Classic Nautical Decor that Brings a Harbor into Your Home

Eclectic Living Room with Exposed Brick Wall and a Large Ship wheelCustom Compass Rug Design Adds Nautical Touches in an Exclusive FashionColorful Boys Bedroom Uses with Ship Wheel on the Headboard of the BedSmartly Placed Mirror that Completes this Boys Bedroom with Twin Sailboat BedsRope Mirrors and Oars All Play a Pivotal Role in Bringing the Nautical AppealRomantic Conch Shells and Starfish Add a Subtle Nautical Touch to Living RoomNeatly Mounted Oars on the Wall Make a Colorful Addition to the RoomNautical Decorative Fish and Munted Oars Combine with the Navy Blues BeautifullyFramed Seahorse Print Accentuates the Nautical Theme with EleganceFancy Twin Ship Wheels Add Symmetry and balance to Living Room

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