Classic and Bright New Cabinet Models

The cabinet is one of the furniture which must be bought for our house. The cabinet is not only for clothes place or book’s place, but it can also for decorate our house. Not many people realize that cabinet could increase the attractiveness of our homes by pick out the unique design of the cabinet.

But Moloform knew about this opportunity, so they start The New Cabinet Models and produce Eclectic Squid Cabinet. They are using a contrasts theme for their new project. The eclectic squid cabinet is a piece of furniture that combined modern and playful interiors. It is blend two colors in one cabinet.

Look at the picture! That is the meaning of “blend two colors in one cabinet”. The cabinet basically is white color but moloform adding kind of neon color so it makes the cabinet looks modern but in the same time also seems playful. The two colors of the New Cabinet Models is not only the interesting thing in this cabinet. The other interesting part is the table legs.

Just like its name, this cabinet has six legs like squid. The six legs have the same color as the main cabinet, white. We can choose between bold or regular types of cabinet. Both are available in white color and splashed with neon color or bright color such as light pink, yellow, and so on.

The cabinet is made from solid wood which the surface is varnished. This cabinet divided into three parts. The first part is contains six small drawers. The second part, in the middle, is two medium drawers. And the other part is a big drawer.

If you put this cabinet in the living room, you can make a sure that visitors can’t take their eyes from this cabinet. It’s really noticeable furniture. With the bright-neon colors, it’s like you adding a sense of amusing feeling in the room. But it is also gives unique and classic look in the new cabinet models by its white color and six legs.

Picture Gallery of the Classic and Bright New Cabinet Models

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