Choosing the Right Roof Shingle Types for Your Home

Since roof shingle is a protective element in your home, it is important to make an investment in your roof shingles. The investment is not only about the functionality of a shingle, but it is also about the decorative values. There are some roof shingle types that are very protective without sacrificing the appearance. So, both of them can be achieved.

Starting from the most common roof used today, asphalt shingles. These shingles are not too expensive while still offering enough durability. They are made from fiberglass with a wide range of colors that can be suited in any home design. These roof shingles have certified a fire resistance rating so that you can still guarantee the durability. One of the roof shingle types that are the most costly can be slate. It comes in a wide range of colors and is made from natural material. If you want to use this shingle type for your roof, then you need to leave the installation for the professional sine installing slate needs special skill. Roof shingle types that offer a natural appearance are wood shakes and shingles. They have the natural look from the wood and even you can purchase them inexpensively for rustic woods.

So, this can be a good idea that you can paint your own shingles with your desire color if you purchase rustic wood shingles. They are not only natural, but also fire resistant. Another most common type that is more expensive than asphalt shingles are metal roofs. They are weather resistant, durable and lightweight. The durability expressed not only from how this shingle type can protect your roof, but also from the rust proof. They come in aluminum, copper and pre finished aluminum. So, those are only some roof shingles types that can be added to your list. There are still some more types if you want to explore more.

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