Charming DIY Candle for Your Table Decoration

There is always this extra special feeling every time we sit in dim lit room with a few candles in front of us, especially if the candles protrude some homey DIY candle inspiration. Candles are a classic, elegant, and romantic table decoration. Whether you have them stand alone or on a candle holder, or molded inside a container, they still emanate that special feeling of warmth and soft flickering luminance. Not only that they are a wonderful decoration, they are also a useful and lightweight replacement of light during a power outage. The designs of candles of course are not restricted to the cylindrical wax sticks. There are so many designs out there, even DIYs one. Check them out.

Stephanie of Garden Therapy has designed a poinsettia inspired candles. For any kind of party, be it for a holiday or just a potluck family dinner, these flower shaped candles will surely bring a smile on the faces of the diners. The flower shaped DIY candle wax is of course not the only part of the candle. It is the top piece of more candles underneath it which is tea green in color. Molded into a glass container and decorated with a ribbon, these floral candles is warm addition to your holiday dinner table decors.

Teacup candles that are designed by Erika of Style Me Green also make a sweet addition to a table decor. Though at first the candles were done as an accidental achievement to an emergency, the candles turned out to have a special appeal of its own. The dainty presentation of the softly colored wax inside the beautifully printed teacups is a gorgeous presentation. For a more casual look, a coffee mug can be used as a replacement to the teacup.

If you have no time to create a flower wax or a teacup to spare, consider taking an inspiration from Julia of The Calm Cradle’s Coffee Candles. Fill a glass container, be it a jar, a cup, or a small bowl, with pebbles or coffee beans. Tie a ribbon from dried grass around it and place a candle at its center. Voila! Not only will the candles burn brightly in this DIY wax candle holders, it will carry the smell of coffee too.

Picture Gallery of the Charming DIY Candle for Your Table Decoration

Beautiful Floral Teacup Candle on the Floral Table RunnerStunning Recycled Mini Candles in Glass Jars Placed Nearby the WindowStriking Mini Jam Jar Candles on the Window Shelf with Dramatic LitRustic Coffee Bean Candle Holders on Metal Bowl Table SettingRed and Green Poinsettia Candles Beautifully Decor the White TableGorgeous Wooden Egg Shaped Candle Holders on the Modern Table SettingFancy Wooden Egg Candle Holders Beautifully Decor the Holiday TableFabulous Glass Candle Holder with Coffee Beans On Wicker RunnerExquisite Mini Candles with Gold Lids Decor the Window ShelfCrochet Doily Candle Holder on Natural Oak Table Setting

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