Caribbean Home Décor-Bring the Paradise in Your Home!

Sometimes the urge to jump to the next flight and go on a vacation is so overwhelming that were it not for our tight work/business schedule, family commitment or lack of finances, we would all have escaped to a tropical island like the famous Jamaica or the Bahamas Island and stayed there forever. Even to those who have financial ability and time to go for a vacation, no amount of time can be possibly enough to enjoy the intoxicating warmth, the balmy breeze caressing your bare skin and the damp salty air. Not forgetting the white beaches, the blue shade mountains and the orchids. But with Caribbean home decor ideas you can now create a Caribbean home décor and experience Caribbean first hand in your home every day.
Bring paradise through your front door with Caribbean interior decorating ideas and create comfortable and cheerful atmosphere that is almost equal, if not equal to the real paradise. Caribbean interior design is inspired by a Caribbean culture which is influenced largely by African, French, Dutch and Spanish culture.
You can start with the walls and create a Caribbean wall décor. Use bold colors on the wall to add a cheerful tropical décor in your home. Go for vibrant colors like: lime, peach, blues, corals, turquoise, white, yellow among others. Use bleached or white pine, tiles or stones for the floors and you can use brightly colored rugs to add softness and comfort in the room. Comfortable and relaxing wicker, rattan or bamboo furniture with matching throw pillow are a good idea to. For your upholstery fabric, go for vivid tropical patterns that match the interior of your Caribbean home design. Treat the windows with soft fabric that move with the breeze bringing in cool air in the house. And finally you can finish your Caribbean home décor with accessories like an art piece that replicate some features found in the Caribbean island or an aquarium to represent the sea.
More ideas are available over the internet and interior design magazines including Caribbean kitchen décor that you can use and transform your entire home to a paradise of your own.

Picture Gallery of the Caribbean Home Décor-Bring the Paradise in Your Home!

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