Calligaris Swami Bed – Multifunctional Furniture for Your Bedroom

Today, people prefer multifunctional furniture than the one with only one function offered. This is because there are many people with small houses that are more economical than large houses. Several manufacturers have competed to create multifunctional furniture in order to help the people in small houses still get both space and function. Calligaris is one of the manufacturers that provide space saving bed for both small and large spaces. The products called Calligaris Swami Bed and this is very functional to provide both bed and space in any small bedroom.

When talking about a bed for small bedroom, usually you will think about a small size bed that won’t give you the comfort you desire. However, Calligaris Swami Bed is different. It manufactured in either king or queen bed that will you a standard option of bed. What makes it different is the storage space underneath. It offers hidden storage to allow you decrease the clutter in your bedroom without having to make the room cramped with a full size of storage furniture. The storage under the bed is hidden so that no one will know there is storage unless the bed is lifted and the storage revealed. The look of this bed is as same as standard bed since it also featured with padded headboard and chrome metal feet to support the bed. The choice of the upholstery is also varied depend on your taste and bedroom décor. So, you will still have a space saving bed without sacrificing the style.

You can visit the site of Calligaris to see more details about Calligaris Swami bed with the color options offered. You can check the availability to see whether your desire color is offered or not. If you are not living in the United States, then you need to check the price of the bed to the bed dealer.

Picture Gallery of the Calligaris Swami Bed – Multifunctional Furniture for Your Bedroom

Calligaris Swami Bed With Window GlassCalligaris Swami Bed With White WallsCalligaris Swami Bed With White CarpetCalligaris Swami Bed With Wardrobe WhiteCalligaris Swami Bed With Unique ChairCalligaris Swami Bed With Round TableCalligaris Swami Bed With Red CarpetCalligaris Swami Bed With Modern ChairsCalligaris Swami Bed With Gray WallsCalligaris Swami Bed With Glass Window DesignCalligaris Swami Bed With Drapery WhiteCalligaris Swami Bed With Desk WhiteCalligaris Swami Bed With Decorative Vase Color OrangeCalligaris Swami Bed With Decorative LightingCalligaris Swami Bed With Classic DesignCalligaris Swami Bed Rug With BrownCalligaris Swami Bed Rug With Brown YoungCalligaris Swami Bed Rug With Black

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