Breathtaking Green Renovations Design to Celebrate Earth Day

In order to celebrate earth day, designers and architect make several models to conform the green renovations for house and interior. As the name implies, surely it focuses more on natural theme which also uses only materials taken from nature. It includes reclaimed woods, stone surfaces, recycled glass, and etc. All of these types for constructing building renovation need to be taken into lots of consideration so that carbon emission from the house itself does not disturb area.

The most common rule in this green renovation idea is that people should reduce, reuse, and recycle any leftover materials. For example, use those glass and woods that already been thrown because it does not fulfill the functional usage anymore. Instead, take and use it to complete design in your kitchen or even gym room. To make a modern look, add recycled glass for making the countertop part and gives shiny look for the room as well.

What about metal? Sometimes the left one is already rusted. But no worries because those rustic materials can give vintage style for any kind of rooms. It just looks like old item is brought into new purpose. Add the salvaged metal as ceiling and combine it with traditional electric fan on it. Salvaged woods also are forgotten and can be made into panels and placed on living room as part of cabinets. Or, use it as part of walls to give retro look.

As for supporting green environment idea, using anything from nature should be in eco-friendly theme as well. For example, use this cork flooring to replace those furry rugs above the floor surfaces. Meanwhile, for flooring part people often use hardwood materials. But for creating green renovation idea, choose bamboo ones. Bamboo actually gives natural color as well and harvesting it does not harm to environment at all.

Picture Gallery of the Breathtaking Green Renovations Design to Celebrate Earth Day

Recycled Glass Tiles In A Modern BathroomRecycled Glass Countertops In A Modern SpaceNatural Light In A Green HomeModern San Francisco CabinModern Bedroom With Salvaged Metal SignsLow Flow Toilet In A Modern BathroomFormaldehyde Free CabinetsCustom Designed Formaldehyde Free CabinetsCork Flooring In A Contemporary KitchenBio Glass Kitchen CountersBamboo Flooring In A Modern Living RoomVOC Free PaintSolar Collectors And Roof Paneling In A Modern HomeSalvaged Wood WallSalvaged Wood Interior PanelingSalvaged Kitchen SinkSalvaged Ceiling Panels In A Modern Home

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