Blu Dot Sofa Bed offer Quality and Modern Brand

Blu Dot is a brand that sells modern furniture such as sofa, tables, chairs, rugs, beds, lighting, etc. The design of this brand is unique that will give such comfortable atmosphere to your home. Although there are many items of furniture from Blu Dot, this article will inform about Blu Dot Sofa bed only.

Blu Dot as a brand of furniture offers many kinds of sofa beds which maybe one of them will be suit with your taste. The first sofa bed from this brand is called Diplomat which consists of four types of design and colors. They are Diplomat Sleeper Sofa-stone, Diplomat Sleeper Sofa-coal, Diplomat Contemporary Sleeper Sofa, and Diplomat sleeper sofa. This sofa is comfortable for sleeping because the two back cushions can be flipped. The next option of Blu Dot sofa bed is named Flat Out. Flat Out is easy to be turned into a bed, and the material of the sofa makes it comfortable for sitting and sleeping. It covers with wool blend which is available in two colors, grey or rust. The other sofa beds from Blu Dot are Sofa Bed Futon, and Thompson sofa bed. Sofa bed futon has various choices of attractive colors such as mocha, black, intense jade, rose scenario, orange and sea going. Then, the Thompson series is available in two colors which the first is chocolate and the second is the color of stone.

These kinds of sofa can be called as versatile furniture since it can be used for two functions as a comfortable seat or a bed. The comfort of the Blu Dot Sofa bed doesn’t only come from the quality of the used material but also from the design. The design is simple but elegant and beautiful which makes it appropriate for your home. Besides that, the various choices of color enable the customers to choose their favorite color.

Picture Gallery of the Blu Dot Sofa Bed offer Quality and Modern Brand

Blu Dot Sofa Bed With Glass DoorBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Decorative LightingBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Curtains WindowBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Brick WallsBlu Dot Sofa Bed By Design GrayBlu Dot Design Sofa Bed With PurpleBlu Dot Design Sofa Bed In BlackBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Wooden TableBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Wooden FloorBlu Dot Sofa Bed With White Ceramic FloorBlu Dot Sofa Bed With WallpaperBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Style RugBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Round TableBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Red WallsBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Red DesignBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Hardwood FloorsBlu Dot Sofa Bed With Hanging Ornament

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