Best Way to Painting Concrete Floors

Painting concrete floors can be the easiest and the cheapest way to finish your basement. Concrete floor gives the look of a dark and abandon room that makes your garage uninviting. So, why don’t you try to make it more attractive by painting the floor. This will instantly give a different look to the whole basement. How to paint concrete floors is also easy to do.

Before painting concrete floors, you have to make sure that your concrete floors are clean. so, the first thing you have to do is clean your floors. You van firstly rinse the floors using a degrease solution and rinse the floors several times. You also have to make sure that your floors are completely dry. So, let the floors for several days. Washing will only clean the floors from any dust, but it won’t remove any stain on the surface. So, you need to sand the floors to remove all the stains, vacuum the floors and wipe them with tack cloth. If you find cracks or holes on the floors with compound and let them dry. After that, you can start apply the primer in two coats using a roller paint and let it dry between the coats.  Apply epoxy paint in two coats using a clean paint roller by letting each coat dry. Finally, you can apply masonry sealer in several coats using a paint roller by still allowing each coat to dry.

This step is easy to follow even if you are not experienced in painting concrete floors. You just have to make sure that each coat should completely dry before applying the next coat. Also, make sure that the surface of your concrete floor is smooth before painting is important. You just need to be more careful in every step to end in your desire result.

Picture Gallery of the Best Way to Painting Concrete Floors

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