Bedroom Colours for 2013 for Parents and Children

Nowadays, people start to think about bedroom colours for 2013 as their inspiration in building house. I know that bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our houses, as it is the most personal room where I spend my resting time in it. Deciding which colour is suitable for bedroom is critical, as the colour energy will determine the mood and mind condition of peoples who rest in it. Here’s some suggestion about colours for your bedroom in 2013.

Bedroom for Parents

Most of parents are busy person, working all the time in the office and going home in a very tired condition. To manage the extra need for rest of the busy parents like this, the parent’s bedroom colours for 2013 should not be too attractive, but need to be pale and relaxing. For this reason, I chose navy, crisp colour for the wall and some soft, light-coloured furniture as the most popular bedroom colours for 2013, and as the perfect match for parent and their needs of relaxing colour in their bedroom.

Bedroom for Children

While the parents need more relaxing bedroom, the active, burn-spirited kids prefer attractive colours which reflex their character. I noticed that younger kids prefer more attractive bedroom colour for 2013, like cherry pink for the girls or marine blue for the boys.

Brighter colour makes the room feels wider, fun, and full with energy, which is good for children, and that’s why combination of pink, orange and pale purple with cartoon-themed furniture was been popular in girl’s bedroom in 2013, while the boys prefers marine blue, green, burning red or any other masculine colour for their bedroom.

The older kids and teenager’s best bedroom colour for 2013 consist by calmer colour, but still attractive to accommodate their active soul. Combination of dark green, dark blue, maroon or any other dark colours for the wall with high-contrast, brighter-coloured furniture is good for older kids and teenager, and was been a very popular bedroom colours for 2013.

Picture Gallery of the Bedroom Colours for 2013 for Parents and Children

Wonderful Modern Bedroom Colours for 2013 Brown Interior DesignStunning Modern Style Bedroom Colours for 2013 Red White Interior ColorSoft Modern Style Brown Interior Bedroom Colours for 2013 DesignMarvelous Modern Style Bright Interior Bedroom Colours for 2013Cute Pink Bedroom Colours for 2013 Wooden Floor White BedCharming Modern Style White Interior Bedroom Colours for 2013Astonishing Modern Purple White Wooden Furniture Bedroom Colours for 2013

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