Beautiful Rustic Hotel which Blends Perfectly with the Nature

Not only for the vast development of knowledge and technology, Japan is also known as a country with many places with beautiful natural view. If you happen to visit Japan in few weeks later, make sure that you will stay in Hoshinoya Karuizawa Hotel, which is located in a mountainous area in Karuizawa, Nagano. This rustic hotel will offer you the harmony between the interiors with the surrounding outdoors.

The rooms of this gorgeous rustic hotel are designed with the beautiful Japanese style water park surrounding. The water park is surrounding a tiny island as well, with the beautiful stepping stones available in a green grass area and shady woodlands. The beauty of nature is the main focal of this hotel exterior. Thus, in making the harmony, this hotel is built with the supporting interiors.

Overall, the interiors are following the traditional style of Japanese house. The wooden bed is set low, with the comfortable bedding in white linen. If you are lucky, you can choose a room with a private wooden veranda, which is equipped with the tatami and the low tables and chairs for you to enjoy the naturally beautiful view. Imagine yourself in kimono, having an afternoon tea in Japanese style, while your mind and body is refreshed with the pleasing natural view. Plus, you have privilege of sitting in a low chair so you can completely sit and make yourself comfortable, instead of taking hours to knee, like the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Another example of this gorgeous rustic hotel design is the restaurant, which is also designed in traditional Japanese style. Using the dark wooden tone for the whole part of the room, you will be exposed to the natural view outdoors as well with the use of floors-to-ceilings transparent glass windows that are decorated in Japanese style.

Picture Gallery of the Beautiful Rustic Hotel which Blends Perfectly with the Nature

The Idyllic White Landscape Encircled The Hotel During The Cold SeasonThe Comfy Double Bed Room With Modern Sofa In The Sitting Area Facing The Scenic Landscape In The SurroundingSparkling Hotel Lighting During The Nights Adds The Beauty Of The HotelModern Japanese Style Restaurant With Sky High Glass WindowsElegant Japanese Style Dining Chairs And Table With Comfy CushionsCozy Living Area With Modern Sofa And Lots Of Pillows And Japanese Sitting Area In The VerandaContemporary Hotel Building Overlooking The Water Park And Surrounded By Lush Green WoodlandComfy Modern Japanese Bedding Covered With White Linen On Low Wooden BedCalming Hotel Environment Surrounded By Water Park And Lush Green WoodlandBeautiful Green Garden With Well Groomed Grass And Water Park In The Midst Of Dense TreesVery Japanese Style Sitting Area In The Wooden Veranda Overlooking The Vibrant Colours Of Springs Time

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