Beautiful Color Combination for Your Interior; Create Your Theme

Choose some color combination for the room you want to decorate, for bright color or calm color, or monochrome color, or contrast color. It’s all depend on your room theme and your preference (a friend decorate the room with different color in each wall, thus cheerful mood just make us like several years younger and live in kindergarten ^_^). The best method to decide appropriate combination for your room, is started with observation. Look your at your room, consider what color it has from interior object, floor, ceiling, and wall. Then you can draw conclusion, which color painting combination should be used.

For contemporary room and modern one, usually come with dominant color such as white. Some cases add wood texture. If you want the texture to be exposed, simply avoid to coat it with new paint instead of lacquer. Look at your interior objects and put the color to be minor yet match the dominant one. Or you can simply make it goes to monochrome theme, with gradation from bright to dark color. Remember though, coloring your background creates mood of the user, an intense color preferably to be avoided. If you want to accentuate your furniture color, make your background painted in calm color, so your interior furniture color is standout and draw the attention of the visitor. A monochrome theme with standout furniture sure a good example. If your furniture is plainly good looking, you just can decorate the wall with cheerful color and bright, or just add minor color on your wall partially, this is distraction, but effective way to draw attention. Color combination paints are good weapon to drastically change your interior performance.

While other color can be complementary for other, you can just mix them in contrast, it’s not wrong, for the one who live in the room is you, so you just can color it to be “so-you”. Color combinations for room go with the user preference. If you prefer purple or red, make the adjacent color match it, in harmony or even in contrast.

As described before, you can mix the color as you wish, but avoid exploit too many color as it will cause distraction and clutter. Color combinations for room are vary depending the circumstance, and here are pictures to inspire you.

Picture Gallery of the Beautiful Color Combination for Your Interior; Create Your Theme

Yellow And Black BedroomRed Walls And Green Living Room CouchesRed And Lime Green BathroomLiving Room With Black Couch In Contrast With A Yellow RugGrey And Yellow Living Room CombinationsContemporary Living Room With Purple And Orange HuesBright Purple Chairs For Some Living Room ContrastBlack Curtains And Red Wall StripesBlack And Pink Living RoomBedroom Colors Turquoise And BrownYellow Lounge And Black L Shaped CouchYellow And Black Living Room Decor

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