Beadboard Wainscoting Ideas: Beautify the Look of Your Interior

Wainscoting is also known as beadboard since they way it is cut with a small groove runs the width of the board every couple of inches. Beadboard wainscoting is advantageous since it can protect the lower part of your wall while enhancing the look of your home. There are some ideas of wainscoting that you can install in your home.

Typically, wainscoting installed at lower one third of the room and finished with a chair rail. Chair rail can be a piece of floor or ceiling trim and affixed to the top of the wainscoting. Wainscoting can also be installed in your kitchen or laundry room. Usually, you will use tile or granite backsplash in your kitchen or laundry room, but they are quite expensive. Beadoard wainscoting can give a similar effect as backsplash. Just simply measure the area you want to cover and place the cut sections to the area. If you have a large window in your room, you can use wainscoting to frame the window. This will add extra pop of a large window that usually takes a large section of a wall. You just need to cover the frame of the window and do the same way as you add a chair rail. Emphasize your staircase using wainscoting is also a great idea especially if you have an exposed staircase with a wall on one side. You just need to cut the wainscoting in an angle that matches with the angle of the steps and affix a chair rail at the top of the wainscoting.

Although wainscoting itself has been decorative, you can still enhance the look by adding accents. You can just measure for squares inside of the wainscoting, then you can paint or stain using a different color. You can nail small diameter accent trim to the wainscoting. Those are some ideas of beadboard wainscoting that you can install in your home. Since you have several ideas, you have more chances to make your home more appealing.

Picture Gallery of the Beadboard Wainscoting Ideas: Beautify the Look of Your Interior

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