Basement Egress Window

The building process of a basement egress window can’t be that easy as you think. It needs some requirements for building such kind of windows. First, let me tell you what egress window actually is. It’s better for you to recognize by start knowing about what egress actually is. Well, it is actually translated to “a path out”, and so that the meaning of egress window is an escape route from the house. It usually built in the new house, while the older houses are typically not built to the new codes even if the basement has been previously renovated or finished. Windows will probably have to be converted to larger egress windows, unless they were done in the last few years.

Well, here the requirements for a basement egress window that you need to consider are. The first one is the local ordinances. It’s important for you to find out whether your house is up to code. Consider consulting with your local building ordinance about it, since the building codes are typically various. The building codes may specify what fashion of windows and how many windows you must install. That’s why it’s vital that you check the codes with your local building officials before doing any kinds of renovating. Moreover, you should keep in mind that codes are for your own safety and more than that if you building up to code, then it will increase the value of your home, especially once it’s basement and attic renovation.

Second requirement for a basement egress window is about the dimensions. According to international building codes, any small basement room with an areas used for sleeping must have at least one egress window which have a minimum width of 20 inches and minimum height of 24 inches, while the sill height must be maximally 44 inches above the floor.

Picture Gallery of the Basement Egress Window

Basement Egress Window With Wrought Iron Gate DesignBasement Egress Window With Wrought Iron Gate BlackBasement Egress Window With Wood FenceBasement Egress Window With Wood DoorsBasement Egress Window With White Wire FenceBasement Egress Window With Wall White WoodBasement Egress Window With Wall of WoodBasement Egress Window With Wall Brown YoungBasement Egress Window With Stone WallBasement Egress Window With Stone GravelBasement Egress Window With Ornamental PlantsBasement Egress Window With Modern Stone WallBasement Egress Window With Modern Brick WallBasement Egress Window With Iron CoverBasement Egress Window With Green GrassBasement Egress Window With Glass DoorBasement Egress Window With Glass DesignBasement Egress Window With Brick Walls

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