Awesome Apartment in Upper East Side Manhattan

Apartment becomes a modern place that is often chosen by many people nowadays because apartment has many great features that make apartment becomes better than any traditional house. For this reason, there are many building developers who build apartment in some places in this world. Manhattan city is known as one of regions that are located in United States. This city has many modern buildings like apartment as a place to live in. This apartment in upper east side Manhattan has many great features that make this house becomes a great residence. For this reason, it is important to know more about this apartment.

This apartment becomes a house for the famous designer Michelle Slovak. This house has a simple design that make this becomes a comfortable place to live in. Although it is designed so simple, this place has many great features that make many people will love this place. A calm and soft brown becomes the main color that dominates all the room inside the apartment. In addition to the calm and soft brown color, this house also has some furniture that is synchronized with the interior design of house. For example, a dark brown curtain becomes a great combination that make this apartment becomes more beautiful.

In addition to the color, there is some furniture that is composed beautifully inside this apartment. Although this apartment just consists of some small rooms, this house is composed beautifully. The composition of some furniture with the interior design can create a comfortable place to live in for many people. This apartment also becomes a great idea for many people who have a small room but they want to create a big place to live in. For this reason, if you have small apartment, this place becomes a great example for you.

Picture Gallery of the Awesome Apartment in Upper East Side Manhattan

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