12 Elegant Kitchen Bar; Different Feels on Your Kitchen

Set your kitchen to serve you differently by decorate it as kitchen bar, and you can relax and enjoy your leisure time. While in general kitchen is used for three purposes; cook, storage, and wash, by designing it into a mini bar, doesn’t change its three previous purposes. Yet, it’s a good bargain if you want to integrate new function and private bar of yours.

Some decorated with drum pendant lamp, or artistic lamps, while other is using lighting to create the mood. Cabinets, stools, desk, are major element in kitchen bar design. Designing your kitchen into a mini bar sure is interesting, you can accentuate the mood by decorating it in various type. Warm, cozy and elegant impression are accents of space we got, when bar is constructed and finished with wood touch, this material’s texture give the room light brown color and warm it. For glossy touch you can coat it with lacquer. Glossier impression, modern, and luxurious are accent if we put our bar into a nice modern style with clean-cut, either by using metal accent and material, or simply playing with color and lighting. You can either choose other option of bar as you prefer, but for general, people design this mini bar as described before.

By having the bar integrated in your kitchen, it adds the room with another interpretation. How you put it and decorate it, is on you. Modern kitchen bar is neat and clean, you should maintain it with attention to not leave dirt that can break the material potentially. Wooden style is great and homey, warm and comfy, but somewhat should be keep with care and attention. Kitchen bar design is great and should be handled with care.

For stool you have your own preference, you can match it with the mood of the bar. As for the kitchen cabinet bar, other than being storage, you can expose what your kitchen has, from utensils, beautiful glasses, or wines, it’s up to you, and just check out this inspiring 12 bar for your kitchen.

Picture Gallery of the 12 Elegant Kitchen Bar; Different Feels on Your Kitchen

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