11 Amazing Parking Garage; from Huge Scale Parking to Artistic Parking Garage

For urban design, to create good mobility and circulation in town context is not easy job, for the density and other reason, and parking is one of the issue, thus one of good solutions for this problem is creating parking garage, in large scale to accommodate vehicles parking area. Hence, the spaces and land usage can be utilized and maximized, with other purpose, such as public space, open space, park, or simply another spatial function.

Creating this utility building to solely cover the need of parking area, is not an easy task, it’s consist not only with parking system, but the design and construction should be in tone for this building to be functional. Here is some example several parking garage design, with amazing performance either from its system, or exterior performance that may deceive you that this is actually building for parking garage. Autostadt car towers in Wolfsburg, Germany, represent of modern design concept with obvious geometrical expression, tube, with sophisticated and well integrated system utility to lift the car inside this parking garage, it’s amazing, a simple exterior with advanced combination of interior and utility system. 1111 Lincoln Road Parking Space, Miami, exhibit a wonderful exterior performance with this utility purpose, as well as, Herma Parking Building in South Korea. It’s same performance of exterior, with massive appearance of building with parking purpose. Eureka Car Park, Melbourne, is an artistic park with ordinary performance of exterior, but with art painting on interior with eccentric touch and welcoming the user. Marina City, Chicago, is building with same purpose. The twin tower building is left without secondary skin, exposing interior and lighting to surrounding area. These building parking garage designs are simply amazing.

Urban design in future, may orientate this subject with details, as the city develops more and more into horizontal orientation, the space needed for construction will be a huge issue. It’s better to build vertical parking garage than horizontal parking lot in long term.

While parking garage construction may cost more, it’s a good solution at least for now to anticipate growing population and vehicle parking, as you can see represented with the pictures.

Picture Gallery of the 11 Amazing Parking Garage; from Huge Scale Parking to Artistic Parking Garage

Silos At AutostadtSanta Monica Civic Center Parking GarageParkhaus Engelenschanze Inside The Glass Car PalaceMarina City In Chicago Parking Space In The TowersKansas City Public Librarys Community Bookshelf ParkingHerma Parking Building Stunning DesignGreenway Self Park Utilizes Chicagos Wind EnergyEureka Car Park Color Coded InteriorsCar Park One In Oklahoma City Stylish Parking Space1111 Lincoln Road Parkind SpaceVeranda Car Park A Closer Look

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